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Bring the Joy of LuGia's On Wheels to Your Next Event! Perfect for Parties, Work Celebrations, and More!


Corporate Events

School Events



Parties & Anniversaries

Church Functions

Sports & Banquets

Local Events

Employee Recognition

& More!

Add Flavor to The Important Times In Life!

We Love Spreading Smiles!

We Love Spreading Smiles!

  • Party Size*
    Setup Fee
    Price Per Serving









    $5.00 + tax

    $4.69 + tax

    $4.07 + tax

    $3.71 + tax

    Example: We stay for up to one (1) hour and if we serve 25 guests:
    (servings * price) * tax + set up fee = total cost
    (25 * $5.00) * 1.08 + $128.87 = $263.87

  • For LuGia’s On Wheels, a serving is considered one healthy scoop of one flavor of ice cream.

  • You can choose up to five flavors of hard ice cream.  We will always include Vanilla as a sixth option.  Additionally, you can choose up to six toppings; whipped cream and cherries are included as options seven and eight. You can make your yummy selections once you book.

  • If your event has less than 35 people, we will stay for 30 minutes.
    If your event has more than 35 people, we will stay for up to 1 hour.

    We can typically serve 150-200 people within one hour, if additional time is required it is charged at the rate of $77.32/per hour.

  • Rochester and surrounding areas.  There is a travel fee for any event located more than 30 minutes from our store; at least $77.32 per half hour depending on the distance. Looking for Buffalo area…please see the top of this page.

  • There is a $100 deposit required to hold your date/time.  Payable with the contract once you book an event.  We accept Cash, Credit Card, and for company events we take business checks (no personal checks).

  • You bring the people and the appetite.  We’ll bring the dishes, napkins, spoons, ice cream, toppings, and Smiles! *Note: We do not provide garbage bags/cans.


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