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Pick Your Favorites!

Hard Ice Cream



Splits, Floats, Shakes & More!

At LuGia’s we are BIG on family, BIG on flavor, and BIG on giving our customers the very best.

LuGia’s began as a small ice cream shop that really came to be by chance. You are probably thinking, how could something so delicious, so wonderful and loved by so many people have ever started by chance?! Well, it’s simple, really. Everything


LuGia’s was, is and continues to be is built upon one word… family.

In the early 1950’s, Louie (“Chubby”) Ferrari and his wife Anna purchased a piece of property on the corner of Lyell and Manitou Roads on the West side of Rochester. With a prime location and a dream to build a life for themselves and their family, Louie and Anna tried their hands at a number of different businesses and eventually opened LDL Pools, Inc. The store opened in 1972 and after 40 years, is still going strong.


When Louie and Anna passed away, LDL Pools, Inc. continued with the help of their son, Lou, his wife Melinda, and eventually their grandchildren, Louie and Gia. And you guessed it – Louie and Gia became the namesakes for the ice cream shop you know and love today!

Lou and Melinda Ferrari opened LuGia’s Ice Cream in 1995 after a family friend, who had once owned a restaurant business, was no longer using his ice cream equipment and offered it to them. He suggested they open an ice cream store and thankfully, they took his advice. With no idea what to expect, Lou and Melinda gave it a try… and that was how LuGia’s came to be!


It was Melinda who came up with the idea to give LuGia’s customers BIG portions. That BIG idea has become a BIG success and the very thing that brings a smile to so many people’s faces – including ours!

We welcome you to visit us where it all began at 4719 Lyell Road in Spencerport, NY. Try one of our many delicious hard ice cream or custard flavors, place an order for one of ice cream cakes or other specialty items, and for the true LuGia’s lovers, you can now bring us to you with LuGia’s on Wheels! It’s the perfect

way to enjoy the BEST ice cream at your birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, & more!

A Family's Dream,

Now A Community's Tradition

  • Stop at the store and pick up an application once we open in April!

  • 16 years or older (If you will be turning 16 during the summer, that is okay too!)

  • We open mid-April depending on the weather. Watch our website and/or social media!

  • We close mid to late October depending on the weather. Watch our website and/or social media.

  • Please see our ice cream flavors on the website on the see our menu tab.  If that does not answer your question, there is a notebook in the store with detailed information on all our flavors.  Go inside and ask to look through the notebook.   **IF YOU HAVE A SEVERE ALLERGY, LET THEM KNOW AT THE WINDOW WHEN YOU ORDER SO WE CAN ENSURE THERE IS NO CROSS CONTAMINATION. 

  • Yes!  We are open every day from the day we open mid-April until we close in October. 

  • You can get food at the Edge located next to LuGia’s ice cream windows. Their number is 773-8373 or look them up on Facebook


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